Friday, June 17, 2016

The Importance of an Open Mind

Post by: Gabrielle Clary
Second year student at Trinity Washington University 

Energy, community and even fitness come together on the island of Samsø. During our first days, we are quickly acquainted with the special Danish bread and cheese combined with the long, winding bike rides through the countryside.  These bike rides are a way for us to become familiar with the  green fields,  painted houses and the cool  sea breeze. The colors of nature are so brightly pigmented without the use of harmful chemicals or bright city lights. From the colorful strawberries and onions on Mai’s organic farm to the tall wind turbines, this island amazes me! 

Photo by Alicia Steger
The Energy Academy  manages to act as a connector for people who are feeling displaced from nature. This creates a positive energy within  and helps to embrace the natural energy outside. I have enjoyed the opening daily check-in circles with our team leader, Malene Lundén​. The circle time gives  us the chance to discuss our insights and experiences. Malene teaches that everyone can become a leader and that it is also important to respect the leader inside of each of us.

One thing I will take away from this experience is the importance of having an open mind. It would be easy to stay home where I feel secure but would mean missing out on these wonderful experiences.  Being on Samsø has shown me that I can be open to  feel the world around me. And, I love  knowing that there are people  willing to transition their lifestyles for the sake of keeping this natural environment. When I interviewed Malene  for my documentary project, she described nature as beauty. When you are here, it is easy to discover this relationship between the nature of beauty and the beauty in nature. The citizens on Samsø keep this special vibe flowing through their efforts.

Hopefully this attitude can rub off on people in other countries as well!  From the people on Samsø to the people from College of the Atlantic and, of course my Trinity sister, everyone has been wonderful making this the trip even better.  This has been a great experience and I am glad I've come to​ Samsø Island.